Beginning on Tuesday April 29, 2014 all drug products containing Tramadol are Schedule IV Controlled Substances in Georgia. This includes all single entity and combination Tramadol products. This scheduling action took place after Governor Deal signed House Bill 835, and the law took effect immediately.

Please take an inventory of all your drug products that contain Tramadol. Sign and date that inventory and place it with your Biennial Controlled Substances Inventory. 

For all existing Tramadol prescriptions:  As of April 29, 2014 if these prescriptions have remaining refills, they are only valid for 6 more months and can only be refilled a maximum of 5 more times.  You do not have to re-number existing prescriptions nor void existing prescriptions. Once all refills are utilized (whether 1 or up to 5), the prescription is void, and the patient must obtain a new prescription.

For all new Tramadol prescriptions: Fill these prescriptions the same as you would for any other Schedule IV Controlled Substance.

For the GA PDMP, please start including Tramadol prescriptions as of April 29, 2014. If your system will not allow reporting back to this date, please begin reporting your Tramadol prescriptions as soon as possible.