During the 2013 Legislative Session, Georgia's law changed to allow pharmacists to fill auto-injectable Epinephrine prescriptions written by physicians, APRNs, and PAs in the nname of a public or private school. The prescriptions must written in accordance with a protocol specified by each prescriber and with Georgia law.

Which means that a school in this state may acquire and stock a supply of auto-injectable Epinephrine pursuant to a prescription. The school may designate an employee or agent trained in the possession and administration of auto-injectable Epinephrine to be responsible for the storage, maintenance, and distribution of the drug stock by the school.

Any such employee or agent much complete training contained in the state education law, OCGA 20-2-776.1 in recognizing the symptoms of anaphylactice shock and the correct method of administering the auto-injectable Epinephrine and in how and when the drug may be administered.

See the attachment for the laws covering this topic.