Due to the recent increase in pharmacy armed robberies, we have been asked to provide guidelines to pharmacists to help them know what to do in case their pharmacy is robbed. These are only suggestions and guidelines to help you determine what is the best course of action for you to take in case of a pharmacy armed robbery.<?xml:namespace prefix = o /?>

The first rule and only rule you have to remember is: If the suspect displays a weapon, comply with whatever the robbery suspect tells you to do - do not argue with him or her. Drugs and money can be replaced - a life cannot.

We have placed several documents on our website to help guide you prior to a robbery. Every pharmacy should have a plan on how to deal with an armed robbery. Every pharmacy employee should be briefed and be made aware of their role during an armed robbery. Pharmacists should reach out in advance (or afterwards)to their local law enforcement to form a partnership on how to deal with an armed robbery.

1) What to do during a pharmacy armed robbery - steps to take during a robbery

2) A Pharmacy Armed Roberry suspect form - to fill out as soon as possible after a robbery, to help you remember details about the suspect and what happened.

3) Pharmacists Mutual - Pharmacy Self Assessment guidelines - to help pharmacists plan for robberies and burglaries

4) ATF Firearms guide - to help you recognize the weapon used during the robbery