Georgia Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

The Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency (Agency) manages Georgia’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, also known as the GA PDMP.  Registration for access to the GA PDMP can be found at

The Agency maintains the GA PDMP through a program known as PMPAware. All Georgia licensed Dispensers (pharmacies and dispensing prescribers) are required to submit information for dispensed Schedule II, III, IV and V controlled substance prescriptions to PMPAware on a weekly basis. (dispensers that meet the requirements may submit an exemption from reporting request to GDNA using the Exemption Form below).

PMPAware program records the prescription information it receives into its electronic database. Thereafter, this database can be reviewed to determine misuse, abuse, and patterns of controlled substance prescribing.

The purpose of the PDMP is to assist in the reduction of the abuse of controlled substances; to improve, enhance, and encourage a better quality of healthcare by promoting the proper use of medications to treat pain and terminal illness; and to reduce duplicative prescribing and overprescribing of controlled substances practices. The data collected will be used to enhance patient care by providing prescription drug monitoring information that will ensure legitimate use of controlled substances in healthcare, including palliative care, research, and other medical pharmacological uses.

Questions on the GAPDMP can be sent via email to

Below are links to:

- The Exemption Form for Dispensers

- A Data Request Form for patients to request a copy of their prescription information which have been reported to the GAPDMP.

Additionally, below are links to: 

- The Georgia PDMP law, 

- A Tutorial Registration Process for PMPAware, 

- The PMPAware User Support Manual, and 

- The PMPAware Dispensers Guide for how to register to report prescription data.